All METAR and SPECI at CYUL, from October 29 09:00Z until November 1 13:00Z, totaling 116 records:

METAR CYUL 290900Z     04016KT    15SM          FEW014 BKN032               10/07 A2988 RMK SF2SC6                  SLP121
SPECI CYUL 290951Z     02011KT    15SM          BKN014 OVC032               10/         RMK SF5SC3
METAR CYUL 291000Z     02011KT    15SM          BKN013 OVC030               10/07 A2988 RMK SF6SC2                  SLP120
METAR CYUL 291100Z     05018KT    15SM          BKN014 OVC040               10/07 A2987 RMK SF6SC2                  SLP116
METAR CYUL 291200Z     04014G19KT 15SM          BKN013 BKN018 OVC040        10/08 A2986 RMK SF5SC2SC2               SLP114
SPECI CYUL 291212Z     05015KT    15SM          FEW014 BKN018 BKN040 OVC090 10/         RMK SF2SC2SC2AC2
METAR CYUL 291300Z     05013G19KT 15SM          FEW016 SCT045 OVC085        11/08 A2985 RMK SF2SC2AC5               SLP111
METAR CYUL 291400Z     03014G21KT 15SM          FEW013 SCT090 OVC220        12/09 A2984 RMK SF2AC2CI3               SLP105
METAR CYUL 291500Z     04015G20KT 15SM          SCT017 BKN080 OVC220        13/09 A2983 RMK SC3AC4CI0               SLP101
METAR CYUL 291600Z     04017KT    15SM          FEW020 SCT070 OVC220        14/09 A2980 RMK SC2AC2CI2               SLP092
METAR CYUL 291700Z     03014G22KT 15SM          FEW020 SCT060 OVC220        15/10 A2976 RMK SC1SC2CI1               SLP079
METAR CYUL 291800Z     04018G24KT 15SM          FEW028 SCT075 OVC240        17/10 A2973 RMK SC2AC2CI1               SLP067
METAR CYUL 291900Z     04024G30KT 15SM          FEW030 FEW070 OVC240        17/10 A2969 RMK SC1AC2CI1               SLP056
METAR CYUL 292000Z     06018G29KT 15SM          FEW030 BKN045 OVC240        17/10 A2968 RMK SC1SC6CI0               SLP052
METAR CYUL 292100Z CCA 05026G33KT 15SM          FEW020 FEW060 OVC240        15/10 A2967 RMK CF1SC2CI2    CC ASOCTD  SLP047
METAR CYUL 292200Z     04026G35KT 15SM          FEW022 SCT055 SCT150 OVC240 14/09 A2964 RMK CF1SC2AC1CI1            SLP037
METAR CYUL 292300Z     04024G32KT 15SM          BKN050                      14/09 A2961 RMK SC7                     SLP026
METAR CYUL 300000Z     04027G32KT 15SM          FEW022 BKN095               14/10 A2955 RMK CF1AC6                  SLP008
METAR CYUL 300100Z     04028G38KT 15SM          FEW022 BKN140 OVC240        14/10 A2952 RMK CF1AC7CI0               SLP998
METAR CYUL 300200Z     04026G35KT 15SM          FEW020 BKN120 BKN240        14/10 A2950 RMK SC1AC6CI0               SLP989
METAR CYUL 300300Z     04027G40KT 15SM          FEW020 BKN120 OVC210        14/10 A2947 RMK CF1AC6CI1               SLP980
METAR CYUL 300400Z     05029G35KT 15SM          FEW020 BKN120 OVC210        14/10 A2946 RMK SC1AC6CI1               SLP976
METAR CYUL 300500Z     05022G33KT 15SM          FEW020 BKN055 OVC120        15/10 A2944 RMK CF1SC5AC2               SLP971
METAR CYUL 300600Z     05028G40KT 15SM          BKN035 BKN055               15/10 A2943 RMK SC6SC2                  SLP966
METAR CYUL 300700Z     04020G27KT 15SM          FEW020 SCT045 BKN130        14/10 A2945 RMK SC1SC3AC3               SLP974
SPECI CYUL 300743Z     04021G28KT 15SM    -SHRA FEW020 FEW050 BKN110        14/         RMK SC1SC2AC5
METAR CYUL 300800Z     05022G28KT 15SM    -SHRA FEW030 OVC100               14/11 A2942 RMK SC1AC6                  SLP964
SPECI CYUL 300826Z     05021G28KT 15SM          FEW030 BKN095               14/         RMK SC1AC6
METAR CYUL 300900Z     05019G29KT 15SM          FEW030 FEW060 BKN100        14/10 A2944 RMK SC1SC2AC4               SLP971
METAR CYUL 301000Z     04020G27KT 15SM          FEW030 FEW060 SCT100        14/11 A2945 RMK SC1SC1AC2               SLP975
METAR CYUL 301100Z     05020KT    15SM    -SHRA FEW050 BKN090 BKN150        14/11 A2945 RMK SC2AC4AC1               SLP974
SPECI CYUL 301130Z     06017KT    15SM          FEW050 SCT090 BKN220        14/         RMK SC2AC2CI1
METAR CYUL 301200Z     07016G22KT 12SM    -SHRA SCT020 BKN055 BKN120        15/11 A2949 RMK SC3SC2AC2    OCNL -SHRA SLP988
METAR CYUL 301300Z     07014G22KT 15SM          SCT028 BKN060 BKN120        16/12 A2951 RMK SC4SC1AC1    OCNL -SHRA SLP993
METAR CYUL 301300Z     07014G22KT 15SM          SCT028 BKN060 BKN120        16/12 A2951 RMK SC4SC1AC1    OCNL -SHRA SLP993
METAR CYUL 301400Z     06012G21KT 15SM          FEW045 BKN090 BKN240        15/13 A2951 RMK SC2AC3CI0               SLP995
SPECI CYUL 301405Z     05014G21KT 15SM    -SHRA FEW045 BKN090 BKN240        15/         RMK SC2AC3CI0
SPECI CYUL 301422Z     06015KT    15SM          SCT060 BKN085 BKN240        16/         RMK SC3AC3CI0
METAR CYUL 301500Z     07015KT    15SM          BKN055 BKN085               16/13 A2953 RMK SC5AC1                  SLP000
SPECI CYUL 301512Z     07012G17KT 15SM    -SHRA SCT045 BKN065               16/         RMK SC3SC4
SPECI CYUL 301557Z     07012KT    2 1/2SM -RA   BKN014 OVC030               15/         RMK SC6SC2
METAR CYUL 301600Z     06012KT    2 1/2SM -RA   BKN014 OVC030               15/14 A2954 RMK SC6SC2                  SLP003
SPECI CYUL 301606Z     06012KT    6SM     -RA   BKN030 BKN090               16/         RMK SC5AC2
SPECI CYUL 301652Z     04008KT    15SM          FEW030 BKN055               16/         RMK SC2SC2
METAR CYUL 301700Z     05009KT    15SM          SCT045 BKN120               16/15 A2952 RMK CU2AC1                  SLP996
METAR CYUL 301800Z     11015G20KT 15SM          FEW055                      20/15 A2949 RMK CU2                     SLP987
METAR CYUL 301900Z     11015KT    15SM          FEW060 FEW240               20/13 A2951 RMK CU2CI1                  SLP993
METAR CYUL 302000Z     11018G25KT 15SM          FEW060                      21/12 A2950 RMK CU2                     SLP990
METAR CYUL 302100Z     12011G21KT 15SM          FEW050 FEW080               21/10 A2951 RMK CU1ACC2                 SLP992
METAR CYUL 302200Z     11009G15KT 15SM          FEW060 SCT120               20/09 A2952 RMK CU1AC1                  SLP997
METAR CYUL 302300Z     08009KT    15SM          BKN080                      19/10 A2954 RMK AC2                     SLP004
METAR CYUL 310000Z     08015KT    15SM          SCT100 BKN120 BKN200        19/11 A2954 RMK AC2AC1CI0               SLP004
METAR CYUL 310100Z CCA 08014G19KT 15SM    -SHRA OVC090                      19/13 A2953 RMK AC8                     SLP000
METAR CYUL 310200Z     08014KT    12SM    -RA   FEW040 OVC065               17/14 A2954 RMK SC1SC7                  SLP003
SPECI CYUL 310245Z     02009KT    15SM          FEW010 OVC055               15/         RMK SF2SC6
METAR CYUL 310300Z     02009KT    15SM          BKN010 OVC055               15/14 A2951 RMK SF6SC2                  SLP992
SPECI CYUL 310325Z     05010KT    10SM    -SHRA SCT007 BKN013 OVC045        16/         RMK SF3SF2SC2
METAR CYUL 310400Z     07006KT    15SM    -SHRA FEW007 SCT012 OVC022        16/14 A2949 RMK SF2SF2SC5               SLP988
METAR CYUL 310500Z     09005KT    10SM    -SHRA FEW010 FEW020 OVC060        15/14 A2949 RMK SF1SC1SC6               SLP986
SPECI CYUL 310545Z     07005KT    15SM          FEW008 SCT060 BKN070        15/         RMK SF1SC3AC2
METAR CYUL 310600Z     09005KT    15SM          FEW008 SCT070               15/14 A2947 RMK SF1AC3                  SLP979
METAR CYUL 310700Z     11006KT    15SM          FEW008 FEW090               14/13 A2948 RMK SF1AC1                  SLP984
METAR CYUL 310800Z     09006KT    15SM          FEW070 FEW180 SCT240        14/13 A2949 RMK AC1AC1CI1               SLP986
METAR CYUL 310900Z     09007KT    15SM          FEW120 FEW180               14/12 A2947 RMK AC2AC1                  SLP980
METAR CYUL 311000Z     09009KT    15SM          FEW120 SCT220               14/11 A2946 RMK AC1CI1                  SLP977
METAR CYUL 311100Z     08006KT    15SM          FEW030 FEW120 BKN240        14/10 A2943 RMK SC1AC1CI2               SLP967
METAR CYUL 311200Z     02006KT    15SM          FEW030 FEW120 BKN240        12/10 A2944 RMK SC1AC1CI1               SLP969
SPECI CYUL 311228Z     02007KT    10SM          FEW004 SCT050 BKN078        12/         RMK SF1SC3AC3
METAR CYUL 311300Z     03009KT    15SM          FEW004 FEW040 BKN080        14/12 A2943 RMK SF1SC1AC6               SLP965
METAR CYUL 311400Z     04008KT    12SM          FEW008 OVC060               15/13 A2941 RMK SF1SC8                  SLP959
SPECI CYUL 311445Z     06009KT    10SM    -RA   FEW008 OVC045               15/         RMK SF1SC8
METAR CYUL 311500Z     07010KT    10SM          FEW007 OVC035               15/13 A2940 RMK SF1SC7                  SLP957
SPECI CYUL 311505Z     07008KT    8SM     -SHRA FEW007 OVC035               15/         RMK SF1SC7
SPECI CYUL 311546Z     12007KT    10SM    -DZ   FEW007 OVC040               15/         RMK SF1SC7
SPECI CYUL 311550Z     12009KT    4SM     -SHRA FEW007 OVC032               15/         RMK SF2SC6
METAR CYUL 311600Z     13006KT    6SM     -SHRA SCT006 OVC023               15/14 A2940 RMK SF3SC5                  SLP955
SPECI CYUL 311619Z     17010KT    12SM          FEW006 OVC014               15/         RMK SF2SC6       TCU ASOCT
SPECI CYUL 311639Z     22011G17KT 15SM          FEW004 OVC010               11/         RMK SF2SC6       TCU ASOCT
METAR CYUL 311700Z     23013KT    15SM          FEW006 OVC014               11/09 A2942 RMK SF1SC7                  SLP963
SPECI CYUL 311708Z     23013KT    15SM    -DZ   FEW008 OVC014               11/         RMK SF2SC6
SPECI CYUL 311720Z     23010KT    15SM    -DZ   BKN009 OVC015               11/         RMK SF5SC3
SPECI CYUL 311731Z     22012KT    12SM    -SHRA BKN010 OVC017               10/         RMK SF6SC2
METAR CYUL 311800Z     23011KT    15SM    -SHRA BKN009 OVC020               10/09 A2944 RMK SF6SC2                  SLP969
SPECI CYUL 311809Z     24010KT    10SM    -SHRA OVC013                      10/         RMK SC8
SPECI CYUL 311818Z     25007KT    15SM    -DZ   BKN020 OVC042               10/         RMK SC6SC2
SPECI CYUL 311826Z     27004KT    10SM    -SHRA BKN022 OVC050               10/         RMK SC6SC2
SPECI CYUL 311847Z     20006KT    15SM    -DZ   BKN013 OVC025               10/         RMK SC6SC2
METAR CYUL 311900Z     23006KT    8SM     -DZ   BKN009 OVC022               10/09 A2944 RMK SC7SC1                  SLP971
SPECI CYUL 311937Z     23003KT    15SM          BKN008 OVC020               10/         RMK SC6SC2
SPECI CYUL 311953Z     22003KT    15SM    -SHRA BKN006 OVC020               10/         RMK SC6SC2
METAR CYUL 312000Z     23002KT    15SM    -SHRA BKN006 OVC020               10/09 A2944 RMK SC6SC2                  SLP971
SPECI CYUL 312024Z     23003KT    15SM          FEW009 OVC015               10/         RMK SF2SC6
METAR CYUL 312100Z     22002KT    15SM          FEW009 BKN025 OVC047        10/09 A2944 RMK SF2SC5SC2               SLP969
SPECI CYUL 312141Z     23005KT    15SM          FEW009 OVC014               10/         RMK SF2SC6
METAR CYUL 312200Z     24008KT    15SM          FEW009 SCT015 OVC057        10/08 A2945 RMK SF1SC3SC4               SLP974
METAR CYUL 312300Z     25007KT    15SM          FEW008 BKN023 OVC055        09/07 A2947 RMK SF2SC4SC2               SLP980
SPECI CYUL 312347Z     26008KT    15SM          BKN010 BKN030               09/         RMK SF6SC2
METAR CYUL 010000Z     26004KT    15SM          SCT010 BKN027               09/07 A2947 RMK SF3SC4                  SLP980
METAR CYUL 010100Z     26004KT    15SM          FEW012 BKN035               08/06 A2948 RMK SF2SC5                  SLP983
SPECI CYUL 010129Z     30002KT    15SM          SCT009 BKN040               08/         RMK SF3SC4
METAR CYUL 010200Z     00000KT    15SM    -SHRA FEW009 OVC040               08/07 A2948 RMK SF2SC6                  SLP982
SPECI CYUL 010248Z     00000KT    15SM          FEW009 BKN045 BKN060        08/         RMK SF1SC6SC1
METAR CYUL 010300Z     00000KT    15SM          FEW009 BKN048               08/07 A2948 RMK SF1SC6                  SLP983
SPECI CYUL 010330Z     00000KT    15SM    -SHRA SCT013 BKN045 BKN090        08/         RMK SF3SC3AC1
METAR CYUL 010400Z     27002KT    15SM          FEW015 BKN038 OVC210        08/06 A2947 RMK SF2SC3CI2               SLP981
METAR CYUL 010500Z     17004KT    15SM          FEW017 SCT050 BKN210        08/07 A2948 RMK SC2SC2CI3               SLP982
METAR CYUL 010600Z     13003KT    15SM          FEW015 SCT035 BKN120 OVC210 08/07 A2947 RMK SC1SC2AC3CI2            SLP980
SPECI CYUL 010650Z     27003KT    15SM    -SHRA SCT017 BKN050 OVC090        08/         RMK SC4SC2AC2
METAR CYUL 010700Z     28002KT    15SM    -SHRA FEW017 BKN025 OVC090        08/06 A2946 RMK SC2SC3AC2               SLP978
METAR CYUL 010800Z     28003KT    12SM    -SHRA FEW017 OVC032               07/06 A2946 RMK SF2SC6                  SLP976
METAR CYUL 010900Z     00000KT    15SM    -SHRA FEW020 OVC032               08/05 A2945 RMK SC2SC6                  SLP975
METAR CYUL 011000Z     10002KT    15SM    -RA   FEW012 OVC025               08/05 A2945 RMK SF1SC7                  SLP975
METAR CYUL 011100Z     10002KT    15SM          FEW010 OVC040               07/05 A2945 RMK SF1SC7       INTMT -RA  SLP974
METAR CYUL 011200Z     14004KT    15SM    -RA   SCT030 OVC055               07/05 A2945 RMK SC3SC5                  SLP976
METAR CYUL 011200Z     14004KT    15SM    -RA   SCT030 OVC055               07/05 A2945 RMK SC3SC5                  SLP976
METAR CYUL 011300Z     14005KT    15SM    -RA   FEW025 BKN058 OVC100        07/05 A2946 RMK SC2SC5AC2               SLP977

Parfois, on tombe sur des fortune cookies à la signification quelque peu occulte:

«Mene, mene, tekel, upharsen.»

Avec l’aide de notre ami Google Translate, c’est supposé être du norvégien. En corrigeant s/sen/sin/, ça donne:

«Flux, les courants, pesé, et divisé»

Ce à quoi on ne peut que répondre: mais de quossé?

Search by Image, Recursively, Transparent PNG, #1 (par kingcosmonaut3000)

Woohoo! Niveau 4 sur Project Euler

Balayeuse. Quatrième dimension. 21 novembre.

This is a cobbled together quick hack of Programming Praxis’ Crypt problem.

> import Data.Bits
> import Data.Char
> import Data.Function
> import System.Environment

The crypt function takes a key and a plain- or ciphered-text, then returns the toggled version.

> crypt :: String -> String -> String
> crypt k t = map chr . zipWith (xor `on` ord) t $ cycle k

The main function is a case that switches between three behaviours: no arguments prints a usage message, one argument interacts with standard input, and at least two arguments encrypts or decrypts a file to standard output.

> main = do
>     args <- getArgs
>     case length args of
>         0 -> do
>             name <- getProgName
>             putStrLn $ "Usage: " ++ name ++ " key [filename]"
>         1 -> interact . crypt $ head args
>         _ -> do
>             let (k:f:_) = args
>             contents <- readFile f
>             putStr $ crypt k contents